BTTG®'s Certification services during the COVID-19 Pandemic

As a Notified body BTTG® can certify PPE suitable in the fight against COVID-19.  BTTG’s Certification service continues to operate as does it’s testing laboratories.  BTTG will prioritise all certification work for PPE to protect COVID-19 workers, as our commitment to the global pandemic.

The Government Office for Product Safety & Standards has published guidance for manufacturers of COVID-19 (related) Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Please click on the link below to read it;

BTTG® is able to certify the following types of PPE:

  • Protective equipment against harmful biological agents
  • Equipment providing chest and groin protection (for example, specialist clothing)
  • Equipment providing hand and arm protection (for example, medical grade gloves)
  • Equipment providing general body protection (Clothing) (for example, coveralls or limited life clothing)

If you have any questions or urgent certification needs in relation to PPE for COVID-19 please contact 

Posted by on 17 April 2020