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High-visibility clothing


BTTG™ Testing & Certification Ltd are able to offer testing and Certification to EN ISO 20471: 2013, “High visibility clothing. Test methods and requirements”, and testing to EN 1150: 1999, “Protective clothing. Visibility clothing for non-professional use. Test methods and requirements” and GO/RT 3279. 


EN ISO 20471 (replaces EN 471) and testing can be performed in full by BTTG™ Testing & Certification Ltd.  The test requirements of this standard ensure that the colour is of adequate shade and depth by means of Chromaticity and Luminance tests (CIE 15, colorimetry), before and after Xenon exposure to ISO 105 B02 and after the maximum number of allowable laundry cycles (ISO 6330/ISO 15797 or ISO 3175). Products are also checked for colourfastness to ensure no leaching of the high-visibility dye stuffs are transferred to other items of clothing during their end use; these include washing (ISO 105 C06), rubbing (ISO 105 X12), perspiration (ISO 105 E04), dry cleaning (ISO 105 D01), hot pressing (ISO 105 X11) and bleaching (ISO 105 N01).   The performance standard also sets out colourfastness requirements for contrast materials which are to be used alongside high visibility materails in a garment.

This standard also sets out requirements for the physical attributes of both the high visibility (background) and contrast fabrics and seams, which in turn assure longevity, comfort and strength aspects during end use. Testing includes; Tensile for woven and coated fabrics (ISO 1421 and EN ISO 13934-1), Tear for coated materials to ISO 4674-1, Burst for knitted material to EN ISO 13938-1 and dimensional stability for all fabrics, using ISO 5077 for measurements.  This Performance Standard is commonly performed in conjunction with EN 343, “Protective clothing. Protection against rain”.

We are also able to test to EN 1150 which governs non-professional work wear where good visibility is required, e.g. horse riding bibs and cyclists garments.

For the requirements needed to fulfil GO/RT3279 (rail track), where working next to railway lines is a requirement, we can also offer this test in conjunction with the full ISO 20471 testing or as a standalone requirement.

The design of garments manufactured from high visibility fabrics must also satisfy certain design criteria in terms of the area of high visibility material included in the garment, the layout of retro-reflective bands and contrast materials.  

For further information regarding testing to any of the standards mentioned above, please contact us on +44 (0)161 873 6543 / and we will be happy to discuss your requirements.

If you would like to Certify a garment in accordance with EN ISO 20471 please contact our Certification Department (+44 (0) 161 876 4211, ).