bttg testing



All items of apparel tend to have a specific purpose, on a lot of occasions these intended end uses do not require rigorous testing, but critical aspects of performance should not be overlooked.

At BTTG™ we can advise clients how an item can gain a leading edge by carrying out a performance test to distinguish it from similar items available to the public.


If a claim of warmth is desired, thermal resistance testing (BS 4745) can be performed to give a thermal rating so the end user knows what to expect from the item. This has already been widely adopted by large retailers around the UK.

Items that provide conspicuousness should be tested to an appropriate standard, a horse rider’s or motorcyclist’s bib is not considered to be a professional work wear item but that does not mean it should not be tested. For non-professional items such as these a design and colour assessment (EN 1150) should be performed.  Instructions and marking can then be added to the care label so the end user knows that they are as visibly protected as possible.

Other apparel items, such as sportswear, may wish to make claims of comfort, i.e. high anti-wick properties. It is fine to claim such things but ideally these too should be tested to prove the claim. Use of a Skin Model (ISO 11092) can prove such claims, we can assess how a material will perform under sweating human body conditions, does it breath? Would it be comfortable? Does the fabric move moisture away from the body? These tests are already being used by global sportswear manufacturers to enhance the brands they sell.

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