ISO 9001 textile testing

ISO 9001

ISO 9001 Certification of Management Systems

BTTG® is accredited as by UKAS as a Certification Body No. 246

Certification Body status – auditing and certification of manufacturer’s quality management systems

BTTG® is accredited to ISO 17021 by UKAS as a Certification Body No. 246, enabling its qualified auditors to offer ISO 9001 certification to manufacturers of protective clothing, marine equipment, construction products, textile fibres, yarns, fabric and other products. Our full scope is:

  • IAF 4 Textiles and textile products (full scope)
  • IAF 5 Leather and leather products (tanning, dressing and dyeing of leather and fur)
  • IAF 12 Chemicals, chemical products and fibres (Man-made fibres)
  • IAF 14 Rubber and plastic products (Plastic Products)
  • IAF 29 Wholesale and retail trade and repair (Wholesaling, retail sales and clothing repair)
  • IAF 23 Manufacturing not elsewhere classified (NACE 32.99 - fire assessment and protective safety clothing, hard hats, other plastics personal safety equipment and fire fighting suits)

For a manufacturer of, for example, firefighting clothing, we can combine ISO 9001 certification with our UKCA PPE Module D services. Our Certification Body scope includes all textile related items, allowing manufacturers of products UKCA marked under the UK Construction Products Regulations and Red Ensign marked under the UK Merchant Shipping Regulations to have their factory production control and quality management system approved by the same organisation.

The ISO 9001 Process

The manufacturer must provide BTTG® with its quality-control system documentation. We will then audit the production sites and other premises included in the management system, such as head office, design offices etc., using the relevant requirements and guidance. New systems will usually require a pre-assessment visit. Transfers can be accepted, and the existing surveillance cycle will usually be adopted.

Once BTTG® decides that the management system fulfils the requirements of ISO 9001, we will issue an approval Certificate.

The Certificate can cover the following:

  • all of the manufacturer’s production sites covered by the audits
  • all of the manufacturer’s products and activities covered by the audits

The Certificate is issued for 3 years, and can be updated with new sites, products, and activities.

BTTG®, as a Certification Body, must continue to monitor the management system by carrying out surveillance audits, generally once per year. A full re-assessment takes place every three years, with two surveillance visits in between.

Use of BTTG® mark

Manufacturers with a management system approved by BTTG® can use the BTTG® Certification Mark, on relevant documentation and marketing materials. Further details can be found in our Publicly Available Information for ISO/IEC 17021-1 - Certification of Management Systems, available here.

BTTG® auditing services

BTTG® auditors are trained to the principles of ISO 9001 and with many years’ experience of auditing manufacturers and textile producers, they cover the globe from our bases in the United Kingdom, Ireland, China and India. Manufacturers in Europe, Africa, Asia, and North America may rely upon our professional auditing staff to deliver product specific, high-quality auditing, to internationally renowned quality management auditing standards.

BTTG™ can usually combine ISO 9001 audits with Approved Body audits under the relevant UK Regulations, including PPE Module D, Marine Equipment Directive Module D, and Construction Products FPC. This allows a manufacturer to gain Quality Management Systems approval at the same time as fulfilling their regulatory obligations.