BTTG's New Service - ISO 15797 Industrial Washing

BTTG have recently invested in the installation of an industrial washer and industrial tumble dryer complying with the requirements of ISO 15797:2002 and the test is UKAS (ISO 17025) accredited.

7.washer 3 dryer

Industrial laundering is defined in the standard as "Professional laundering of workwear in greater quantities than domestic laundering". The methods described in ISO 15797 simulate the effect of industrial laundering on workwear in the evaluation of cotton, polyester/cotton and reverse blend workwear intended to be industrially laundered. They serve a basis for testing relevant properties such as e.g.dimensional stability, colour fastness, creasing and seam puckering, though these assessments would be identified in a separate standard. ISO 15797 does not contain any requirement to assess the fabric after laundering.

Provision is made for eight different washing procedures based on the use of a front-or side-loading horizontal rotating drum type washer/extractor. BTTG have installed a front-loading washer.

Each washing procedure is considered to represent a single industrial wash. A complete laundering test consists of a washing and a drying/finishing procedure.

One cycle of laundering is priced at £45

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Posted by on 29 June 2017