Geosynthetics Testing Services laboratory launches in Ahmedabad, Gujarat

TRI and BTTG™ are pleased to announce the launch of their Indian laboratory, Geosynthetics Testing Services, in Ahmedabad, Gujarat on 31st March 2016.  There will be a symposium on geosynthetics in landfills followed by a tour of the new Geosynthetic Testing Services laboratory.

Speaking at the symposium will be Dr George Koerner, Dr Manoj Datta, Dr GL Sivakumar, Mr Sam Allen (TRI) and our very own Mr Rob Marshall (BTTG™).  For further information please follow this link:  GTSPL-Landfill-Symposium-Announcement.pdf

If you have a geosynthetic testing enquiry in India please contact Dr Deepak Manjunath or call +91 7574887547. 

If your enquiry relates to CE Marking: Initial type testing and durability testing will be carried out at BTTG™ (AVCP System 2+ notified body). The contact in India for this and other matters relating to the Construction Products Regulation is Rajesh Maheshwari and in the UK it is Mrs Clarissa Austin or Mr Rob Marshall 



Posted by on 26 March 2016