Personal Protective Equipment Seminars in China

BTTG™ will hold two seminars in China, on Tuesday 29th March 2016 in Shanghai, and on Thursday 31st March 2016, in Zhengzhou. 

The one day workshop session is aimed to help the Chinese PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) industry upgrade their knowledge and learn more about the requirements when they place their PPE product in European and even American Markets. The one day workshop will give Chinese professional companies and delegates the opportunity to interact with experts from BTTG™ and Arcwear.


The expert and speaker, Hugh Hoagland, from ArcWear, is among the world's foremost experts on electrical arc testing and safety. He holds memberships in ASTM, NFPA, CSA, ANSI, ISSA, IEC and IEEE, serving on numerous committees, working groups and task forces, and has helped develop legislation and standards in the U.S. and Europe.

The expert and speaker, Chris Dean, has spent in excess of twenty years working in fire testing laboratories and has managed the BTTG™ Fire Technology Services laboratory since 2013. As an active member of the British Standard committee PH/3/2 “Heat and Flame Personal Protective Equipment”, Chris is involved with the development of British, European and International standards for protective clothing. In 2016, Chris was promoted to the position of Laboratory Manager and will take responsibility for all of BTTG™ Testing & Certification’s laboratories.

The expert and speaker, Chris Butcher, has worked for BTTG™ for more than 25 years, originally in the Electrostatics and Textiles laboratories and then in Certification Services, and has been PPE Certification Manager since 2007. Chris is an active member of several British Standard committees for protective clothing, and since 2008 has been Convenor of the VG5 Notified Bodies Group for Clothing and Gloves.

The main topics of Seminar are:

  1. The development and tendency of Global PPE Textile Market
  2. Recent changes to European and ISO Protective Clothing Standards, and the European PPE Regulation replacing the PPE Directive – what this means for Chinese manufacturers and their customers
  3. Comparison of the European / International industrial work wear standard (EN ISO 11612) with the equivalent American standard (NFPA 2112), and an overview of the test methodology and illustrate how the standards differ in their approach to testing.
  4. ASTM, NFPA and IEC Standards Testing for Electrical Arc Flash Protection, and review ASTM F1506, F1959, NFPA 70E, IEC 61482-1-1, 61482-1-2 and  61482-2 and how these standards are used in industry.

The agenda is

9:00-10:00    reception

10:00-11:45    presentation

11:45-12:00    Q & A

12:00-13:00    Lunch

13:00-14:45    presentation

14:45-15:00    Break

15:00-16:45    Presentation

16:45-17:00    Q & A


Posted by on 26 March 2016