Revision of the Marine Equipment Directive 2014/90/EU

Revision of the Marine Equipment Directive 2014/90/EU 

The new Directive is to be applied from the 18th September 2016, the same date that the current Directive is repealed.

Key changes and effects are as follows:

Existing certificates

Module B certificates to remain valid until:

a. Certificate reaches it expiry date

b. Annex A equivalent is updated to reflect change in reference testing specification

c. Product no longer complies with original type.

Renewal will be against the new Directive.

Module D certificates will remain valid until they reach their expiry date.

Renewal will be against the new Directive.

Module D audits will follow the requirements of the new Directive from September 2016. The only additional requirement compared with the current Directive relates to the EU declaration of conformity, article 16.5:

A copy of the EU declaration of conformity shall be provided to the notified body or to the bodies which carried out the relevant conformity assessment procedures.

Module B.

The process has not changed, certificates will still have a 5 year validity.

The submitted technical documentation now includes minimum contents, Annex II / I – Module B type-examination point 3.

Also included is a risk assessment - shall include an adequate analysis and assessment of the risk(s).

Module D.

The process has not changed, certificates will still have a 5 year validity.

The requirements have not changed except for a declaration to be drawn up and made available.

Electronic Tagging

The concept of electronic tagging has been introduced, article 11. Exactly how this might be implemented is yet to be determined.

Further information will be supplied once it becomes available.

Product Marking

All products to be marked with either a type, batch or serial number; Article 12.6 refers.

Authorised Representative

Now mandatory for manufacturers that are not located within a member state; Article 13 refers.

Annex A Replacement

To be published independently of the Directive

To be published as Commission Regulations

To include further detail than the existing system to be clear which standards apply to equipment for a given duration

To be published periodically, similarly to the existing system

Updates are expected annually.

Two extra dates:

a. 1st use by Notified Bodies and Manufacturers (issue of Cert / placing on market)

b. Last date of placing on board

To download this information as a PDF please follow this link: MED-2014-Summary-June-2016-Newsletter.pdf

Posted by on 1 June 2016