Upcoming Construction Products Regulation Seminar

BTTG™ are holding a seminar to help you understand CE Marking to the Construction Products Regulation, 305/2011, using the harmonised 2016 geotextile standards and the revised 2018 geosynthetic barrier standards.

This seminar is an excellent opportunity for you to find out what the implication may be for you. We will guide you through the updates to the certification process and help you understand changes to the tests and requirements.

Who’s it aimed at:
Manufacturers. Importers and Distributors of Geotextiles and Geosynthetic Barriers

Geotextiles and CE Marking:

  • An overview of the mandatory geotextile tests, and the changes in the durability testing.
  • The effect of the 2016 geotextile standards on CE marking, including:
      - FPC systems and audits,
      - the Declaration,
      - and durability statements.

Geosynthetic barriers and CE Marking:

  • An outline of the geosynthetic barrier tests, including durability testing.
  • The impact of the new geosynthetic barrier standards on CE marking, FPC systems and auditing, the changes required in declarations and durability statements
  • A discussion about the revised and new barrier standards, EN 16993 and EN 16994 for hazardous liquid containment and underground structures, and the probable timelines for their introduction and legal compliance with the standards.

When & Where?
Date: 10th October
Time: 9am for 9:30am, finishing 12:30pm
Venue: Unit 14


We looking forward to hearing from you!


Posted by on 22 September 2018