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PPE Club

The PPE Club

We pride ourselves on being able to offer more to our customers than type approval certificates or test reports. Our staff serve on many BS, CEN and ISO standards committees, and seek to use their experience to keep customers up to date with changes to the standards produced by these bodies.

Many manufacturers of PPE and their constituent components appreciate the benefits of close communication and access to the expertise of BTTG™ staff that PPE Club Membership brings.

The feedback we get from our current members is that the access to expert advice is invaluable to their businesses.

The benefits on offer are:

  • Advice on testing and certification matters (up to 4 hours of assistance or guidance with a member of the PPE team).

  • Free attendance for two people at our BTTG™ seminars.

  • Storage of your samples submitted for certification in our testing facility.

  • Report Verification System which allows your customer to check the authenticity if your BTTG™ report or certificate.

  • Authorised use of the BTTG™ member's logo.

  • Membership Certificate.

  • Live video streaming of tests on request.

  • Updated on relevant test methods, performance specifications and EU PPE Directives.

  • Access to members of BSI standards Committees and the activities of the related CEN and ISO committees:-
     - PH/003 Protective clothing
     - PH/003/01 General Personal Protective Equipment
     - PH/003/02 Heat and Flame Personal Protective Equipment
     - PH/003/03 Chemical, Biological, Radioactive and Nuclear PPE
     - PH/003/07 High visibility clothing, visual performance
     - PH/003/08 Protective gloves
     - PH/003/12 Violent Situations (Defense) and Training Personal Protective Equipment
     - PH/014 Firefighters' personal protective equipment

The membership costs £560 and runs from 1st October to the 30th September. To find out more or to join our PPE Club please email