BTTG 01.04.15 125

Protection against cold or cool environments


EN 14058: 2004, “Protective clothing. Garments for protection against cool environments”, and EN 342: “Protective clothing. Ensembles and garments for protection against cold”, are performance standards containing suites of tests specifically designed to ensure safe and comfortable working conditions for employees in low temperature situations.


Key tests within these standards are Thermal Performance (Icle and Icler ) in accordance with ISO 15831, of the whole garment ensemble, Rct to EN ISO 31092, for fabric composite testing and air permeability testing, to EN ISO 9237,  to ensure heat is not readily lost during end use. Additionally these standards call up water penetration resistance testing (hydrostatic head to ISO 811) where additional resistance to wet conditions is a requirement, for example with outdoor use.

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