CE Marking Geosynthetic barriers2

CE marking of geosynthetic barriers

CE Marking of Geosynthetic Barriers

To support CE marking of Geosynthetic Barriers, there are six harmonised Technical Specifications or hENs, these are also commonly known as the required characteristic documents or the application standards.  The six application standards are, “Characteristics required for use…

 EN 13361 …in the construction of reservoirs and dams;

EN 13362 …in the construction of canals;

EN 15382 …in transportation infrastructure;

EN 13491 …as a fluid barrier in the construction of tunnels and associated underground structures;

EN 13492 …in the construction of liquid waste disposal sites, transfer stations or secondary containment;

EN 13493 …in the construction of solid waste storage and disposal sites.

There are three types of geosynthetic barriers:

GBR-P = polymeric

GBR-B = bituminous

GBR-C = clay

A manufacturer can CE mark their product against each standard.  Each application standard lists various physical, mechanical, hydraulic, thermal and durability and chemical resistance tests.  The tests required to be performed depends on the type of barrier and in some instances whether it will be covered in use.

The manufacturer must also make a durability assessment.  This will require tests, depending on the application and type of barrier, to look at durability to:

Weathering (EN 12224);

Micro-organisms (EN 12225);

Oxidation (EN 14575 / EN ISO 13438);

Environmental stress cracking (EN 14576);

Leaching (EN 14415);

Chemical resistance (EN 14414 / ASTM D6141);

Wetting / drying (EN 14417);

Freezing / thawing (EN 14418);

Root penetration (EN 14416).

The results from these tests will enable the manufacturer to make a durability assessment.

Assuming that the products in the range are identical apart from thickness, it is not necessary to test each product in the range for durability.  Normally only the thinnest product would be tested.

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