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Testing of Geosynthetic Materials


For over 25 years BTTG® has been represented on the British Standards (BSI), European (CEN) and International (ISO) committees for geosynthetics.  These committees have developed and are still developing test methods for the testing of geosynthetic materials.  As part of the development of these standards, At the BTTG® laboratories we have organised and participated in many inter-laboratory trials thus ensuring confidence that our test results are accurate, reproducible and comparable to other leading European laboratories.

The staff within the Industrial Materials team have an average length of service of 15 years, in total they have over 150 years of combined testing experience.  All new staff undergo a three stage UKAS approved training program before obtaining full competence to undertake testing for clients.

BTTG® is regarded as the leading geosynthetic laboratory in the UK and is recognised and respected world-wide.  We offer an unrivalled service to our clients by providing a fast turn-round and technical back-up (dealing with the Environment Agency directly, where necessary, on behalf of our clients), which has led to many long-term relationships. 

BTTG® geosynthetic client base is extensive, including contractors, local authorities, consulting engineers, certification bodies and geosynthetic manufacturer’s world-wide.

The Industrial Materials Department within BTTG® has worked closely with the Environment Agency and geotextile manufacturers to revise and update the Cylinder Protection Test prior to it being re-issued in 2011.  The Environment Agency has recently reviewed its Guidance Documents for geosynthetic materials with a view to issuing updated versions and BTTG® is the only laboratory involved in these discussions.

We have run numerous, very successful training courses in geosynthetic testing.  Those who have attend the courses have commented on how valuable it has been, giving them the understanding of why we do certain tests,  how the tests are performed and have been very beneficial in interpreting the results and what they mean in the ‘real world’.  The attendees have come from varied backgrounds, with a differing amount of knowledge and understanding of geosynthetics.  The course can be run over one or several days and can be tailored to suit your requirements. 

We are also the preferred laboratory of many geosynthetic manufacturers.  We conduct initial type tests for manufacturers wanting to CE mark their products. 

BTTG® is a Notified Body under the Constructions Products Regulation for the CE Marking of geosynthetic materials.

For further information, please contact us at onestopshop@bttg.co.uk.