Comfort Textiles


BTTG™ Testing & Certification Ltd. has a long and established history in the area of comfort textiles. BTTG™ (then Shirley Technologies) originally developed the first “breathable” fabric in a project for the Ministry of Defence, the innovative non-microporous polyurethane coating permits the passage of evaporated sweat from the body of the wearer yet at the same time remains waterproof to rain.  It is also responsible for developing the Shirley Togmeter for measuring the thermal insulation of textile materials.

Because of this rich history, BTTG™ Testing & Certification is well placed to offer a range of comfort tests which can be applicable to professional workwear, sportswear and outdoor wear or casual every day wear.


A wide variety of tests which can be used to establish the comfort properties of a textile material, but most commonly performed are the following:

  • Thermal Resistance (Tog value) to BS 4745 or ISO 5085
  • Thermal Resistance (Rct) to ISO 11092
  • Water vapour resistance (Ret) to ISO 11092
  • Air permeability ISO 9237
  • Resistance to water penetration (Hydrostatic head) EN 20811 or ISO 811
  • Surface wetting (Spray rating) EN ISO 4920

We are also able to perform lesser requested tests such as absorbency, resistance to wicking, wickability, water vapour transmission, and can also help devise test methods.

For further information regarding testing to any of the standards mentioned above, please contact our Technical Customer Service team at / +44 (0)161 876 4211 who will be happy to discuss your requirements.