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Other Textile Applications


BTTG™ Testing & Certification has the capability to tailor suites of testing to client’s specific requirements. We have tested everything from slings and webbing for parachutes to medical compression socks and umbrellas. BTTG™ can test items for Aerospace, road haulage, personal hygiene products, military and medical textiles, to name but a few.  These products are usually manufactured from high performance materials, such as nonwovens or coated fabrics and laminates.


BTTG™ offers a full range of testing based on the BS 3424 series of standards for coated fabrics.  This is particularly pertinent for testing to UK/SC specifications and for general coated material performance. Coupled with the ability to test to BS 3546 for coated materials that claim water repellent properties, BTTG™ can cover a vast array of testing and has been at the forefront of this type of testing for over 20 years. We regularly fulfil MoD contracts where these standards are referenced.

We are able to perform tests on nonwoven performance materials.  Most commonly we are requested to test nonwovens for specific areas of interest, whether it be for roofing and wall membranes (EN 13859-2, EN 13859-2 and EN 13984), or for nonwovens that are for chemical protective suits (EN 13034, EN 13895 and EN 14605).  We are able to cover nearly all of the tests in house. This allows us to set realistic lead times and offer essential feedback to clients on any technical issues, whether they be failures or simply areas that could be improved. We have vast experience in these areas, for many years we have regularly carried out testing on behalf of the largest global manufacturers.  Our clients tell us that they return to us time after time as they believe the feedback given is second to none and our competitive costs and time frames are difficult to surpass.

Other niche areas of testing are not overlooked, from simple mass and width calculations (EN 2286) to complex permeability tests (EN 12572), and absorbency and wicking tests to EN 29073 (ISO 9073) or EDANA test methods. 

Water repellent properties can be uniquely tested at BTTG™, we have the capabilities to assess all aspects of water resistant performance, from the most simple Spray Rating testing (BS EN 24920) where a degree of repellency is desirable, Wira Shower testing (BS 5066) for light rainfall and showers, Bundesmann (BS EN 29865) for heavy rainfall on items that could potentially have water drawn through by means of capillary action (e.g. rucksack, tent materials), to the most stringent of tests Hydrostatic Head (ISO 811) where water is pumped at increasing pressures onto the face of the material until rupture or maximum values are obtained.

Enquiries are handled swiftly and a range of tests can be quickly assembled depending on what the client is trying to achieve. Couple this with the feedback that our knowledgeable staff members can provide and a rapid turnaround in testing times, we can offer a service that is difficult to achieve elsewhere.  For further information please contact our Technical Customer Service team at onestopshop@bttg.co.uk / +44 (0)161 876 4211.