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Surgical Drapes and Gowns


BTTG® are able to offer testing in accordance with EN 13795, ‘Surgical drapes, gowns and clean air suits, used as medical devices for patients, clinical staff and equipment. General requirements for manufacturers, processors and products, test methods, performance requirements and performance levels’.  


The suite of tests contained within EN 13795 ensure that a material has high mechanical resistance, through testing burst resistance (ISO 13938-1) or tensile strength (EN 29073-3), as well as being able to resist penetration by liquids (ISO 811) - essential for stopping bodily fluids coming in contact with staff.

In addition to these tests, items are also assessed for Microbial Penetration (EN ISO 22610 and EN ISO 22612), and for Linting Propensity (ISO 9073), which ensures undue fibres are not shed during end use which is critical for surgery situations.

BTTG® can arrange all of your testing requirements.

For further information regarding testing to any of the standards mentioned above, please contact our Technical Customer Service team at / +44 (0)161 876 4211 who will be happy to discuss your requirements.