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Tents and Marquees

Tents and Marquees


Critical aspects of testing can easily be overlooked for these products, not only is it essential that the products are breathable (BS 7209), water resistant (ISO 811), have great tensile strength (EN 13934) and a strong seam (EN 13935), but consideration must also be taken to ensure durability of a product. For instance, how are these stored? If folded and compressed will this cause difficulty where creases occur when used on multiple occasions (BS 7854 flexing)? What about storage, will mildew and mould be a factor? Will the storage be at a low temperature (i.e. during winter months), how will this affect the product the following year (BS 3424, Part 8, Method 10A cold crack).

Colour aspects must also be considered, if a low lightfastness rating is obtained (EN ISO 105 B02), the product will likely look old after only a few uses.


Specific testing for tarpaulins and related products can be found in BS 3408 for tarpaulin type materials, this testing covers a lot of the aforementioned issues and most of the testing for materials can be performed on site at our Trafford Park premises.  BTTG™ consider all aspects of testing relating to a real life situation and can advise clients on what they should expect from a good product.

In addition, we also test to BS 7837:1996 - Specification for flammability performance for textiles used in the construction of marquees and similar textile structures, which specifies requirements for flammability of fabrics and fabric assemblies for use in the construction of textile structures such as marquees, large tents, temporary buildings, awnings and other textile structures utilizing large areas of a flexible textile membrane other than air supported structures.

For further information regarding the testing of materials for tents and marquees please contact our Technical Customer Service team at / +44 (0)161 876 4211. For flammability enquiries please contact Paul Doherty in our fire testing laboratory, ( or +44(0)113 259 1999).